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hulu activate
Log in and out of Hulu You have signed up to get Hulu and downloaded the program on your favorite supported device. Now you need to log in so you may start streaming your favourite shows and movies. The steps vary depending on the type of device you are using try the links below for more details. TV-connected devices Mobile TV-connected devices When logging in to Hulu on TV-connected apparatus -- like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming sticks -- you've got two different options. To log in using your email address and password: Launch the Hulu program Select Log In on the Welcome screen, then select Log in with this device Input your email address and password using the onscreen keyboard, then pick Log In Select your personal profile in the list and begin streaming! On most TV-connected apparatus,* you can bypass having to type out long email addresses on your control by activating your computer instead. If you'd prefer to take this route rather : Select Log On the Welcome screen, then choose Activate on a pc On another screen, you'll be presented with an Activation Code. Stop by log and in if prompted Enter the Exceptional activation code that is displayed on your TV screen and over 30 minutes or so you should be logged in Select your personal profile in the list and start streaming! *Some devices (and cellular phones/tablets) don't have an activation code. When that is the situation, you can activate the Hulu program simply by logging in with your email and password. If you need to log from your account when Using a TV-connected apparatus: Select the Account icon in the international navigation bar Scroll down and choose Log out When asked if you are sure, pick Log from Hulu Mobile telephones and tablet computers Logging in Logging into your Hulu account on your supported cellular telephone or tablet computer is a cinch. Just follow these simple steps: Open the Hulu program. Select Log On the Welcome screen, then tap Log In with Hulu. Enter your email address and password, then tap Log In. Select your own profile from the list and start streaming! Logging out Ready to log out? Open the Hulu program. Tap the Account icon in the global navigation bar. Tap Log out of Hulu in the bottom of the screen. [Details]
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