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Lgbtq Entertainment and Social Guide App
When David and Charlie went into a bakery in Denver Colorado in 2012 to order a wedding cake, they didn’t know they would end up in a court battle with the baker. In February 2019, Anna and Amanda tried to arrange a wedding photographer and ended up on the six o’clock news. Sometimes it seems like we are still living in the dark ages. But now there is THEAPP! We have the technology that will allow us to live our lives peacefully and do business within a community that is kind, tolerant and accepting. THEAPP from LGBTQ.one is a revolution in inclusive geo-social commerce. Dedicated to only those businesses that prefer to do business with the LGBTQ community, THEAPP will guide you to the things you want and need day to day. From Cakes to Photographers, from Dress Makers to Hair Stylists, or maybe just a safe and accepting gathering place, whatever locations and/or services you seek, THEAPP will find it for you and assure that it is a friendly and safe experience. THEAPP from LGBTQ.one has you covered, whatever you are looking for. Looking for someone? THEAPP has a very special feature. Whether it is a brief chat, a meet up for coffee or a long-term relationship you are looking for, THEAPP has the power to bring together people of like interests in an effective, safe and logical way like finding gay, lesbian, bisexual and manage dining, leisure, shopping & more. Similar to the way an entertainment guide alerts you of nearby business’s and deals offered, even when you are traveling, THEAPP keeps a lookout in a circle around you and notifies you when it detects another LGBTQ THEAPP user nearby. You can define the size of the area you want to monitor. But, How does THEAPP work? THEAPP works very much like the commercially available “Entertainment Guide” with two very significant differences. The Entertainment Guide serves the general public and does not distinguish between LGBTQ friendly businesses and those that may in fact be hostile towards members of the community. It is important that our members know they are visiting and patronizing merchants who are accepting and ready to provide an enriching and positive experience. The purpose of THEAPP is to provide a safe and friendly experience for both the merchant AND the members they serve. The other distinction between commercially available Entertainment Guides and THEAPP, is those guides charge you to use them, THEAPP is completely FREE to use and is supported by LGBTQ friendly merchants themselves. [Details]
Until now it was a gamble! A Gay person never knew when he or she walked into a merchant's business what they were going to be confronted with. The merchant could be open, honest, respectful and everything can go right. Unfortunately, the merchants can be biased, homophobic, or just plain crazy and things can go south and get very ugly. Traveling or at home, LGBTQ leisure time should be SAFE time. LGBTQ.one, home of THEAPP, announces the release of an all new and cutting-edge technology offering safety, security, and acceptance never before possible for members of the community. We would like to introduce you to THEAPP and show you how it will benefit the LGBTQ community members, merchants and vendors at Pride Festivals and in Cities around the world with everyday interactions with merchants and services where ever they travel. Our new and unique PWA technology works on ANY device, iOS, Apple, Windows, PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Android, Mac Book, Tablet, smart watch, et al. THEAPP can significantly benefit merchants by guiding members of the community to their location. If a gay member wants to find a hat, a hot dog, a cold beer, or car repair, just type it into THEAPP and you will be guided to that merchant’s booth or brick and mortar business immediately. Need a restroom or a water fountain? THEAPP will get you there by the fastest route. Looking for someone? THEAPP has a very special feature. Whether it is a brief chat, a meet up for coffee or a long-term relationship you are looking for, THEAPP has the power to bring together people of like interests in an effective, safe and logical way like. Similar to the way an entertainment guide alerts you of nearby businesses and deals offered, even when you are traveling, THEAPP keeps a lookout in a circle around you and notifies you when it detects another LGBTQ THEAPP user nearby. [Details]
Thuê Wifi
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